El Duende!
. . . the dark spirit pervades . . .
day to day dream album cover


Welcome to the site of El Duende. We are a 4-6 piece band, depending on the availability of the pieces, and the moon cycles, playing in and around Sydney Australia. Our first album "Overcome", was released in September 2005.
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We released its successor, "Fleeting Glimpses" in 2009. It was produced by Genevieve Maynard and yours truly (Daniel Morphett), which features guest artists Peter Hollo(Cellist from Fourplay), Jason Morphett(Saxophone great, who has played with everyone from Louis Tillet to X to every interesting jazz band you can think of, also Daniel's cousin) and Glad Reed (Trombone, Midnight Oil, Red Ochre).
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We have now released our third album, "Day to Day Dream", which has been again produced by Genevieve and Daniel, and so far has been very well received.

To buy any of these, or some of our other delectable items of merch, please go to our store.

If you want us on your ipod, go to iTunes: Fleeting Glimpses and Overcome

If you want to be on our gig advisory email service, send us an email with subscribe in the subject.

Also meanwhile, feel free to sample some of our music, via the mp3 of the day, where you will find a different mp3 each day! These will be demo versions, oddities, out-takes and unreleased items from the vault, complete with lyrics and commentary.

Lastly: our myspace site, where you can listen to some other tracks - myspace